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Gnarls Barkley is a bridge between Dangerous mouse and Cee lo. A musical highway where these two artists met and came out with their first album St.elsewhere.It was released by Warner Music on the 24th of April in U.K while in the U.S Atlantic/Downtown records took up the responsibility and released it on the 9th of May. But St.elsewhere had been doing its rounds even before these official releases. It was available in U.S at the Itunesmusicstore at least a week before. The warm breezy single’Crazy’ gained popularity as it was used on prime time BBC Radio 1 DJ Zen Lowe’s television advertisement. To add to this it was adjudged record of the week by Ken Bruce of BBC Radio 2. Garnishing all this pre release popularity was the performance at the 2006MTV movie awards. It was released as 12”vinyldigital download followed by single avatar released in April 2006. April for Gnarls was definitely not a cruel month, as the single became the first U.K number one based on download sales alone. It spent a nice nine weeks at the top of the charts. In the ObserverMusicMonthly danger mouse played dismissed any similarity of the band’s name with the erstwhile basketball player Charles Barkley. There was hardly anything planned in this record all that talk about the name, they don’t mean a thing.’

The duo burst into the crowded scene in the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the month of April. This wasn’t their first show though. That little gig had at the Roxy Theatres in L.A. on April 28th,two days before the Coachella concert. This was a part of a series of clandestine shows hosted by They are scheduled to perform at Lollapalooza in Chicago sometime in 2006. Television has also broke into the Gnarls territory with their debut show being Late Night With Conan O Brian, which was telecasted on the 25th of May. The duo quickly followed this up with the prestigious BBC show Later With Jools Holland on May 19th and the Tonight Show with Jay Lenoon the 12 of June 2006.

‘Crazy’ has played havoc on the charts with its surging popularity. It remains the first single since ‘wet,wet.wet’in 94 to be on the top of the U.K charts for nine consecutive weeks (‘Two tribes had spent exactly nine weeks on the charts). It is in privileged company as the 75 Queen classic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody had the same distinction. On the official download chart’ Crazy’ remains a favorite as it enjoys its 11 th week as number one there. Gnarls declared that it would be deleted from the vinyl or cd list as the meteoric popularity was an indicator of the fact that people would remember the song fondly and not simply outgrow it.

To substantiate Gnarls point the song which was not available in the shops till Monday has usurped Ne-Yo’s ‘So Sick’s place as the new number one on the U.K charts. HMV’s spokesperson Gennaro Castldo takes this case up to point out the arrival of the actual mature phase of legalized downloading.”It will probably one of the songs to brighten up the summer, it does not work out like this with all songs, in a way it is special and if the physical copies have the same selling rate then we are in for something big.”

The duo working behind the album is danger mouse and Cee Lo.Danger mouse has the innovative grey album to his credit where he fuses Beatles with Jay-z’s rapping. Next in line for Gnarls and company is the Wireless Festival in London and Leeds. This is to be followed by a show at the Pacific Amphitheatre on the 20th of July with Peeping tom which is supposed to feature Mike Patton. All this as the Barkley group bask in their recent past where the performed with Christina Aguilere, AFI, Wolf mother etc at the MTV music awards 2006(Sony picture studio Culver city California).

Check out all of Gnarls Barkley's Lyrics.